Friday, January 1, 2010

sister, brother

mel, me, nil, yana

6 years of friendship and we are still counting, Aku sayang korang sangat sangat. More than anything in the world. I want them to know that i'll always be there for them no matter what. Protect them from all the hurts n doubts. We've been through a lot n will go through a lot more. Time may change and physical state may be different, but nothing will change our relationship. Terlalu banyak sangat kenangan spenajang 6 tahun perkenalan kite! They had helped me gone through a lot. My broken family, my jerky previous bf, puberty n everything and i really mean EVERYTHING. So to those looser bf n backstabbing friends she had, u guys are totally stupid to have lost what u had. Well, to me, they are da best, da nicest, da most understanding, da most fun, beautiful, amazing, extra-ordinary, n da most incredible personality you'd know. Life would be meaningless without them. I put them before every single thing. We share everything, even our little most deepest darkest secrets.

p/s: Hilang dua orang kawan yang aku rasa sangat sangat baik. Aku sendiri tak tahu kenapa, mengapa sampai gaduh and tak bertegur sapa. Delete aku dalam facebook. apa salah aku? aku nak "T" and "E' tahu walau macam mana pun aku sayang korang!

my mineral when i am thirsty,
a pillow when i am sad
a nasi ayam when i am hungry.

He was such a great friend, a friend who never let me to wear a frown.
And i love him.

But as time flies by, i don't think i know him anymore. Aku tahu salah aku pada mulanya, kerna rapat dengan kawan ko yang suka hancurkan hati aku! Aku tak dengar nasihat ko! Aku ketepikan ko! Maafkan aku, Berry! Now he'd changed a lot and he does not give a damn care about me , anymore. Aku rindu dating dengan ko! Tengok wayang dengan ko! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper dengan ko!
No more nasi ayam until 3 in the morning, no more gossips and of course, no more sharing secrets and laughter.

p/s: Aku still sayang ko macam dulu...=))

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